This blog is an exercise to becoming more self-articulate.

To me, language is an interesting technology. Although there is a finite list of words in any dictionary, there can be a seemingly infinite number of messages that can be communicated through this medium. Ludwig Wittgenstein said it best, “Philosophy is merely a bi-product of misunderstanding language.” Meaning a set of words may elicit a different pattern recognition for different individuals. This lesson had a profound impact on my personal and professional life.

In 2013 I recognized I may not be communicating my true sentiments with those around me. And subsequently, much more importantly, I may have been misunderstanding the sentiments of my peers. I worked on this in 2014 by reading a tonne of books, meditating, and just trying to develop stronger emotional intelligence.

Although I don’t think I’m finished on my EI journey, I wish to run on a somewhat parallel path to becoming more “self-articulate.” In 2015 I want to get better at putting my own raw feelings and thoughts into words. In other words, I want to get better at talking with myself.


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